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The California Autism Center and Learning Group (CACLG) was founded in 2014 with the intent to bring client-focused center-based ABA services to the Central Valley. Born and raised in the Fresno area, William Forath, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, sought to build a network of advanced treatment centers for families in his community with knowledgeable and compassionate clinicians in the local area.

William personally felt that a center-based model was the most effective method for treating children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Similar to in-home services, the center-based model still allows for individual treatment plans in addition to supplemental home and community-based services as needed. This model also provides more learning opportunities for clients and increased support for staff.

The first treatment center, now known as our Central Fresno center, opened in the summer of 2014 near the Fresno State campus. Expansion to West Fresno began in 2016 and later that year we opened a third treatment center in Merced, as we realized a great need for services in that area. We have since opened additional facilities in Fresno and expanded to Visalia, and we look forward to supporting many more families in the years to come.

In 2022, CACLG earned the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) accreditation, acknowledging our organization as a behavioral service provider committed to quality care, safety, and excellent client outcomes. CACLG is recognized as a leading ABA provider that meets or exceeds high quality standards in ethical care and professionalism, diversity and inclusion, collaboration and coordination of care and staff training and support.

To learn more about BHCOE accreditation and why it matters, visit www.bhcoe.org.

Board of Directors

We believe every child deserves a bright future, and our diversely experienced staff works diligently to support and teach every child who is entrusted to us. We look forward to meeting your family in person, but in the meantime, feel free to scroll through our photos and bios below to learn more about us.

If you're interested in visiting one of our treatment centers, please complete a first contact inquiry form and we'll reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

Gary Rushing

Chairman of the BoardChief Business Development Officer
Learn more about Gary Rushing

William Forath

Co-FounderChief Executive Officer
Learn more about William Forath

Adam Rushing

 Chief Operating Officer
Learn more about Adam Rushing

Arthur Anderson

Director of Billing & Claims
Learn more about Arthur Anderson

Noelle Brown

Director of Human Resources
Learn more about Noelle Brown

Nicki Cerniglia

Director of Operations
Learn more about Nicki Cerniglia

Bryan Oakley

Director of Information Technology
Learn more about Bryan Oakley

Caroline Perea

Director of Scheduling
Learn more about Caroline Perea

Kerstyn Wilson

Director of Training
Learn more about Kerstyn Wilson

Jillian Yelinek

Director of Clinical Services
Learn more about Jillian Yelinek

Estee Carrillo

Treatment Center Director, Northwest
Learn more about Estee Carrillo

Jackie Flores-Corona

Interim Treatment Center Director, West Fresno
Learn more about Jackie Flores-Corona

Dominic Gonzalez-Ramos

Treatment Center Director, Visalia
Learn more about Dominic Gonzalez-Ramos

Griselda Garcia-Gamboa

Treatment Center Director, Merced
Learn more about Griselda Garcia-Gamboa

Jordan Ingersoll

Treatment Center Director, Central Fresno
Learn more about Jordan Ingersoll

Missie Stidham

Treatment Center Director, West Fresno
Learn more about Missie Stidham

Joseph Vallejos

Treatment Center Director, North Fresno
Learn more about Joseph Vallejos
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